MEDICE is a dynamic, medium-sized, family-run company now in its third generation. Managed by physicians, the company embodies a long-standing tradition and expertise in pharmaceutical and clinical development, quality-controlled production and the international distribution of medicinal products and medical devices in the prescription and self-medication sectors.

The healthcare market is changing rapidly. New therapies and services are emerging, growth in new areas is accelerating and is being fuelled by increasing digitalization.

With the aim of becoming a leading developer and provider of diverse healthcare solutions, the healthcare company MEDICE has therefore made targeted investments in companies in the areas of digital health and nutrition in recent years in order to integrate them into the overall concept.

In future, the MEDICE Health Family will develop suitable prevention or treatment concepts for every stage of the disease, from the onset to the acute symptoms, in which pharmaceutical, digital and nutritional expertise are intertwined and interwoven in the sense of innovative prevention and therapy management.

Based on its long-standing tradition as a family business, the MEDICE Health Family will thus play a tangible role in shaping the future of medicine in the coming decade.

MediVentures acts as a venture capitalist and brings together innovative founders with the extensive industry experience of the MEDICE Health Family to realize promising ideas for the healthcare of tomorrow. Through targeted investments, we create a space where start-ups with ground-breaking concepts are given the opportunity to develop and realize their visions.

Our support goes beyond funding – it extends to access to a broad network of experts, resources and specific expertise. This enables founders not only to realize their ideas, but also to benefit from the stable foundation and experience of an established healthcare company.

A partnership with MediVentures opens doors to an ecosystem where entrepreneurial courage and industrial expertise meet. This combination helps to accelerate innovative solutions and drive pioneering developments in the healthcare sector.

Our goal is to foster transformative innovations that have a positive impact on the healthcare industry and improve people’s quality of life. By creating this dynamic framework, MediVentures is actively shaping the future of healthcare and helping to turn visionary ideas into reality.